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This is a video about my coming out story and the time my parents found my sex toys. It was an embarrassing and traumatizing experience but I'm sure it was still a lot better than other peoples experiences. If you have a negative experience with coming out, just know it gets better....parents found sex toys  AND hopefully your parents won't find all of your sex toys!!!! Essentially this is how NOT to come out to your parents. I was in high school and took my girl friends to the free clinic for their birth control pills. At the end of the visit the hospital would give them free condoms.


My friends would give me the condoms and I would keep them in my dresser. 4 months later I had THOUSANDS of condoms. My friend and I were smoking in my room and got some ash on the window sill. My mom went down the next day to get laundry and saw the ash.  how to come out She searched my room because she thought I was doing drugs. She opened up the drawer of my dresser and condoms flew out.

She then asked me when I got home if I was having sex with men or women. We laughed about the experience and all is well. Coming out can be difficult sometimes. Just remember it gets better. Watch my video and laugh at my ridiculous experience. Subscribe to my channel.

Post by howtocomeout (2017-02-22 14:46)

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